Tornano i Black Metal Serbi Kolac

Tornano i Black Metal Serbi Kolac

Although active on the live front ever since their foundation in 2006, Serbian Black Metal commando KOLAC have released their latest official material “Zauvek crni” 9 years ago in 2014, so it is about time for their new, third full-length album to be unleashed later this year in collaboration with Pest Records.

KOLAC’s upcoming official effort will be a special one: a self-titled loose concept record featuring 9 new tracks plus intro revolving around the usage of stakes (Kolac in Serbian language) as punishment methods in the Middle Ages and beyond. Primarily a traditional Black Metal band, KOLAC allows plenty of Thrash Metal touches to enrich their compositions, and the result is a combination of primal fury and energy, with darkened melodies and rhythmic diversity.

Here’s what the band had to say about their upcoming album and collaboration with Pest Records: “It is but a pinnacle… The memory from the time we’ve made the initial contact fades. Pest Records has ever supported us and when it came to searching for an honest, dedicated label that shares our passion for dark soundscapes, there were obvious pointers. Through various forms of collaboration to the finalization of this agreement, we do not only hope, but are actually certain that we have found a reliable partner to help spread our wings further. We are beyond honored to be on Pest Records! Long awaited new music from Kolac is well on its way. Look out for pest’s new breed!”

A three tracks advance promo is to be released in short time, but in the meantime check out the band’s live ritual:

KOLAC will perform at the Metal Fest in Sarajevo, Bosnia on Saturday, the 25th of February. More info: