ANTRVM, in streaming il nuovo singolo e video “Not Dead Enough”

ANTRVM,  in streaming il nuovo singolo e video “Not Dead Enough”

The ANTRVM project was created to move the national extreme metal scene with a simple but audacious proposal. The band debuts with the single “Not Dead Enough”, which will be released on digital platforms on April 28th and arrives accompanied by a video clip with cinematographic projections, filmed in São Paulo, produced by André Neves, Victor Cutrale and Vibe Loka with directed and edited by André Neves.

The song presents the heavy, daring and chaotic ideology of the band, along with the aggressive and very technical sound. “The creative process for Not Dead Enough presented some challenges for us. As the song is practically a tribute to the style, we looked for references in traditional, melodic death metal and even black and thrash metal. The end result is this. And we like it”, comments guitarist Victor Henrique.

The idea of the song itself is a tribute to Death Metal, which brings a nostalgic sound atmosphere while exuding a freshness derived from the members’ jovial energy and visionary mind. A song that brings out the epic and brutal side of the style’s compositions. The lyrics narrate a demonic zombie apocalypse, destroying society and its hypocrisy. “We wanted to make the sound as powerful as possible, a tribute to the style while still being exciting. You get the feeling of maximum speed and crushing weight. It’s a song that represents where we want to go”, comments vocalist Victor Cutrale.

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